02 September 2016

10,000m 34;13 Hard Easy

I gave one of the old Loughborough sessions a bash on Tuesday.
25 laps Hard /Easy.
Its a tough one mentally to perform, a long way to go but when you break it down to to just 13 Hard efforts you get through it. The difficulty is trying to judge how hard the hard laps should be and how easy the easy laps should be. If the aim was run a 10 second differential I failed as it was more like 3 to 5 seconds judging by the data graphs on Connect and Strava (plus the track segment results). Still I was might happy to run 34;13 by myself on a near deserted track at Nudgee. I did this session during a purple patch 9th September 2014 and ran a 33;46 but I'm not going to denigrate what I did this week, it gives me the confidence to expect to run sub 34 when I want to.
I am training well, feeling good (niggles in left metatarsals and left patella).
Averaging 110km a week for the last month - way above what I normally do. I can afford to keep it steady for the next few weeks (well two weeks in California will curtail training).

Here is the session;

29 August 2016

North Lakes parkrun 1st 16;29 (20th August)

I decided I needed to test myself 'competitively' to get the feeling of all out effort back into my body. Woke early on Saturday so decided I'd do the local North Lakes parkrun. I'd had a remedial massage the day before and was concerned the body would be really sore but my 3km warm up wasn't too bad.
The course starts on the grass and quickly transfers to concrete pathway and wooden boardwalk sections. The early due on the grass made for slippery conditions underfoot in the first km but I eventually got going. I rounded the first of the 3 laps in 5;20 and pushed onto the second lap. 
Lapping folk, as eve,  was difficult. Moving off the best racing line and choosing the path least likely to cause an accident. The pre run briefing mentioned keeping left and shouting ahead "runner behind" when runners are coming through so hopefully this perennial bugbear will ease in time. I held it together well to finish in 16;29. 
I amalgamated my warm up and my warm down with the run so don't have an accurate record of my first and last KM's but the middle three were all around 3;22's so pretty consistent running. As I finished I wretched as the feeling of hitting maximal heart rate (172bpm) overwhelmed me! Happy with that performance I didn't really know what to expect but that gives me a good base point from which to try and improve over the next couple of months.
I have been upping the K's to 110km a week over the last month by doing doubles on Tuesdays and Thursday or Friday plus long on Sunday. Keeping the one long interval session on the track. I doubt I can manage much more than that so will see if my body can hold it together and start to come good.
58 days till Perth.

lap 2 or 3

Lap 2 or 3

Garmin 620 poised

Nausea explosion as HR maxes out

First lap

06 August 2016

World Masters Athletics Championship Perth 82 day countdown!

Just noticed my countdown timer has clocked 82 days to Rio sorry Perth! I have been getting the miles in but not really getting the track work done other than my opening session 20x400 with 60 jog recovery in 78's. Would have got out to Nudgee again this week but it was raining Tuesday and howling gale Wednesday do I pussied out! Hardly Daley Thompson training twice on Christmas Day I know but I did run doubles Thursday and Friday. The early morning runs are so tough on a 54.9 year old body just to get going. The heel has been good but just when I think I am cured it comes back just to remind me. Last week was 111km never run that mileage since I was a kid! This week will be similar. Found a nice bush run near my Monday Friday work place in Caboolture, at Sheepstation Creek reserve, a 4.4km circular trail in the woods. Of course I got lost but will know the circuit next time. A few wallabies for company and I dare say some snakes . It will provide a cool shaded escape for runs when it starts to hear up.
Have added a regular massage to my regime, in the hope that current back and hammy niggles can get ironed out!
No intention to race for a bit but will do some parkruns soon to get back used to sustained efforts. Track work will be 4's 8's 12's and 1600's with short recovery 8 to 10km long sessions.
Weight under control at 62kg need to shed 2kg to be best shape. A fortnight in California in September will be a challenge on the diet\ weight 😀

20 July 2016

Track Racing Results

Here are my track Racing Results from age 15 in 1977 until age 30 in 1992.

09 July 2016

Dave is on the road again

I have been able to maintain my training now for 3 or 4 weeks, slowly trying to build up some base. I have added maybe 2kg, so not too much weight needs to be shifted. I am able to run at tempo , I am able to run long and this week i even managed my first interval session! I headed to the kids school oval and ran approximately 13x400 with 60secs recovery. It was tough going on a windy arvo on rough grass but it was joy to be getting back into the metronomic state of reps. I have got a long way to go to get back to running these reps 10seconds quicker and doing double the quantity with half the recovery but at least it was a start.
It is 15.5 weeks till Perth so I need to keep building every week, keep managing the PF and every other niggle, it feels like reaching 55 years of age in September is reaking havoc on my whole body. 

28 June 2016

You don't get rid of plantar fasciitis, it gets rid of you!

My MRI confirmed an ugly dose of PF. 
I was slightly surprised because since my initial consultation suggested it might have been fat pad atrophy - I had been able to run. 
I strapped it up, added back the heel cup and ran. 
The first week was just steady 5kms and the second week 10.6km roo+lakes. I had all the standard not run for two months aches and pains, particularly my hamstrings have been incredibly tight. I thought it was something caused by all the cycling I had been doing.
Last weekend I managed a long run (20km around Redcliffe peninsula) and a tempo run (10.6km in 3;52 K's) and was still able to keep going. 
This Sunday I even managed my mega Narangba dreaming loop, though to say I was smashed following was an understatement. I took a recovery day yesterday and got out this morning for 10.6km - pretty steady as Sunday was still in my legs and it was freezing cold (about 8 O C) I wore two tops my beaney and gloves. Pace was 4;35 per KM which is about as slow as I ever run but I still put in quite a bit of effort to achieve that. Will be interesting to see if I can train on a track in a week or so. The consultant suggested my management of the PF was working well and to continue doing what I was doing. He recommended some shock wave therapy - but I'm not convinced of its benefit as last time I had it , it didn't do too much and cost $500 (no rebate). It would probably be cheaper getting it at a local physio as opposed to Brisbane Private. I have tentatively booked back to see the consultant in a months time for PRP therapy (blood extracted spun and platelets injected back into the PF - the only problem is that therapy requires 4 weeks post injection recovery no running and I would have very little time to get fit for Perth and the therapy has no guarantee it will work.
I read on facebook someone said you don't get rid of PF it gets rid of you!

13 June 2016


I had my heel MRI this morning, but don't go back to see the consultant for for two weeks as he is off to Origin camp with Queensland side. He had the impression from his initial investigation that the issue is more my fatty pad than the plantar fascia, which could be more of an issue to rectify than PF. The MRI will tell the real story so no point in second guessing. He said I was doing all the right things for PF, wearing the night splint (moon boot) Calf/heel raises, spiky ball rolling.
Managed a 10.6km roo+lake on Sunday as heel was less painful. 4;17 K's.

09 June 2016

Too soon

Well I strung together about 8 or 9 runs, took a day off last Monday and then ran the old Roo+Lake on Tuesday night.
10.6km and my heel obstinately hurt like hell following. On Wednesday morning I knew I would only manage a shortened Lake run (5.3km) but it was somewhat of a limp fest - very disappointing. 
To be fair the heel started hurting on Friday but I tried to ignore it.
Decided to get back on the bike today and brave the cool dark Brissy Winter conditions. Standard 30km at  29kmph (61mins) my bike legs haven't completely deserted me. 
I will have to seek further medical intervention and mix in more cycling if I am able to run at all.

07 June 2016

A tentative return

A puncture 2km into a ride just over a week ago followed by a walk home and back out for a 5.6km run was a tentative return to running after over 8 weeks off. The heel come though it ok and I followed it up with another ride the next day then a week of running just 5k's a day. Fitness level was OK but by the end of the week the heel was giving me pain, so took a day off yesterday and will see how I go this evening. 

28 March 2016

Garmin recorded masters track performances

Here are all the track races I have recorded with my Garmin from 2010.

Steady running from me only with one long run and a recovery ride the following day.PF pain is manageable but not feeling inclined to step things up for a while. Had some right Achilles tendonitis through the beginning of the week but that has gradually come good.
Weight is 60/61kg which is fine but when I'm not racing the tendency to stray from the paths of correct dieting are stronger!

20 March 2016

Milan San-Remo

Here's a catch up.
Following my heel injection I was going to take one or two weeks off running to see if the heel would settle down. As it panned out I took 3 weeks off, well it wasn't quite a holiday, I was getting up at 4:00am everyday and getting on the bike at 4:30am for an hour, working pretty hard for me at 30kmph. I managed to clock up my 1000th cycling lap of North Lakes, a 10km loop, so that's 10,000km recorded on Strava/Garmin probably since about 2011'ish. Amazing really as I only ride if I can't run! 
I'm on about 800 recorded laps of Roo+Lake (in reality probably run 2000 times in the 12 years we have been here).
Last week I started running again.
The heel is still painful but runable and something I will continue to monitor and manage. I will throw in more cycling days and continue on with my miriad of remedies: stretching it, ice rolling it, sleeping with the Frankenstein Boot on, wearing heel cups and running on grass where possible, avoiding speed work.
My pace has been pretty good considering the lay off and the weight is hovering around 60kg so won't be too far from form. I even managed a 22km easy long run this morning, it was on the road but I double heel cupped to add protection. I will give it a month and make an assessment. It's still 7 months till competition starts in Perth.

23 February 2016

Plantar fasciitis

The PF I have had lingering in my left heel for well over a year has flared up. 
It has got bad enough to affect my training - when every step you take hurts you tend to back off. 
I have kept all my runs short (10.6km) and run on grass as much as possible and no intervals. 
I have added gel inserts into my training shoes.
I have slept wearing the Strassburg Sock for about a year (a torturous passion killer if ever there was one). 
I have massaged my heel with the spiky massage ball. 
I have rolled my heel on an iced bottle and now ...
I have had an injection into the insertion of the plantar fascia - getting a needle stuck into an already painful sensitive area was no fun and is the last resort. When I suffered PF through 2012/13 in my Right Heel it was the injection that brought an end to 18 months of suffering, a year out of running (and onto the bike). 
This is my Olympic Year and I need to ensure that I give myself the best chance of running and performing come Perth in October/November.
So I will take a week off running to allow the plantar to settle down. It was back on the bike this morning, up at 4.00am out the door at 4.30am for 30km at 29.6km average speed on my undulating 10km loop. Dark till about 5.00am so I'm lit up , as ever like a proverbial Christmas tree, two rear flashing lights and my super dooper Cree Floodlight.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Getting the needle

Fitness Mad Spikey Massage Ball 7cm

Cant wait for this little beauty to arrive from China , its gotta to be more comfortable to sleep in than the sock which I'm sick and tired of.

07 February 2016

North Lakes parkrun 16:24 1st

Yesterday I did the north Lakes parkrun but only did the 2.5km warm up. Conditions were windyu and humid about 23 o C at 7:00am start. Wet grass and Newton's are not best combination and went off easy behind a guy that flew off. It took 500m to catch him. First lap was 5:14, and I start lapping people soon after 2km. A record field, but still under 300 made for difficult overtaking choices , generally going wide, very wide and into the bushes a few times.
I aslo felt the effects of Fridays session the wind and humidity.
I heard 10:50 at two laps.
My finish time 16;24 was OK considering. I believe my current best case scenario 5000 is 16:00

30 January 2016

Long North Lakes parkrun 17:03 2nd

I got the timing right this morning, up at 5:00am (a lie in), out the door and running Roo+lake at 5:30 , cover 18.4km by 6:50am and ready to roll into North Lakes parkrun at 7:00am.
Absolutely saturated with humongous humidity I was trying to figure out a way to wring out my shorts and cap, as the slapping of the wet material against my legs was going to be annoying but without a dry pair available I had to make do. 
Peter Bracken rocks up when I'm on the line.
My concern was would a 10min break see me tie up?
At the start , typically my Garmin just goes into power down mode so I have to hit it twice and get left on the line!
I managed to pass all bar Peter by 200m and tried to tuck in behind but I never really managed to get there.
I managed to open up with a 3:30km then got quicker till the 5th km where I succumbed to tiredness and ran another 3:30, to finish up with a 17:03 which was good going considering I felt stuffed before the start. Pete ran 16;44.
I ran 2.5km back home for a 26km in about 4:08 average.
58.9kg after that run !

I got away poorly Pete led start to finish

overtaking lapped runners was difficult

Probably lost at least 2kg sweat

26 January 2016


5 x1km is a tough session I run from home whilst I wait for the schools to get back (for the track at Nudgee to reopen). 
I run a 2.5km loop warm up - its 91% humidity and 24 O C (the Apparent Temp was 27.7 C at 5;30am!)
I wore my  Asics Sortie Magic shoes which I bought in Tokyo which are magic but now that I have broken them in, I will reserve them for racing. No top again.
The 1km loop is about 1030m long, it has 6 turns (zoom in on the map below) and the first 400m is uphill. A tough tough circuit and I work very very hard. 
I noticed last week that my tendency to really strain (neck and arms) when I want to push the effort was causing the normal detrimental effect on performance so I really have to talk myself out of over straining and trying to remain relaxed even though the lactic is causing through my veins making me want to do the opposite to 'relax'. 
My recovery is a 100m walk back - I used to always slow jog it but a walk now feels right. 
Last week I wretched after the session, this week I finished and headed for the grass , to get on my hands and knees with a wretch as I  recovered (this is directly opposite and outside my house!).
The sweatage was immense.
Why do we do this to ourselves? 
Its crazy how hard we push ourselves, 
I think sometimes I train harder than I race.
The last three efforts were 3min K's. Good shape but not race fit.
Another 2.5km loop warm down.

25 January 2016

Massage Bar

The back/rib issue has lingered on way longer than I expected and has limited my speed work (intervals). It is still painful to deep breath. 
I also have very minor soreness in the left Achilles heel and tendonitis in the left knee.
I have increased my mileage (over 100km is unheard of for me! 107km last week!) and kept to a monks diet.
I'm about 61/62kg pre run - 59/60kg post run. 
I'm in good shape but need the speed work to be able to race on the track. 
The State 5000 is on 11th Feb and the State 10,000 26th Feb. 
I think the 5 will be a little too soon for me but might still race, the 10,000 should be OK.
The mornings have been ridiculously warm and getting up at 4;30am for a 5;00am start doesn't help too much. Yesterday I drove over to Scarborough for 25km  (4;06 K's) .
It was tough going out with a wind in my face but coming back you get no breeze  and the humidity coming off the ocean knocks you about.
I bought a massage bar for evening TV viewing exercise, much easier to use than the large foam roller.$23 on ebay.

12 January 2016

Renegade Master

This cartoon tickles me!
Like this morning when I'm running 5 x 1km laps around the houses wearing nothing but shorts and heart rate monitor. Sweating buckets, old enough to know better, I sometimes think of my neighbours peering out behind the net curtains thinking "who or what the hell does that scrawny glutton think he's doing !"
Well actually it probably doesn't happen much because no one else is up at 4:30am and we don't have net curtains in Queensland!
5x1km with 100m walk jog recovery, feeling stuffed!

10 January 2016


The back/ rib injury is taking an eternity to get better but is very very slowly getting there. Only feel comfortable or capable of steady running but have thrown in a couple of casual grass interval sessions to get the heart pumping , need to do more.
Today ran twice roo+lake and lost 2.5kg even with three drink stops, it was very uncomfortable. At least I have now seen my goal weight on the scales ~ only I need to see it before my run!
Will run a set of km intervals on the road on Tuesday morning and determine if I'm up to racing yet.
It was another 80km week for me.
Pre run

Post run

27 December 2015

5000m racing in Japan

Wanted to give you a flavour of running in Japan at the track  on the day of 5000m races.




And here is a video of a Shinkansen going through a station at warp factor 5 !


21 December 2015

2015 Racing Review

Jan 24th I ran the Queensland Open 3000m Champs and was happy with 9;16.

Feb 26th 5000m in 15;54 at the State Open Champs - very close to my goals 15;51 and 15;49 but not quite close enough.
28th Two days later I backed up with a 15;56 at North Lakes parkrun treating it in my mind as a tempo run! 

March 5th QUEENSLAND Open 10,000m Champion 
at 53 years of age! - my 'racing' performance of the year. Run in really hot, really humid, windy conditions 33;43.

April 3rd Sydney Australian Masters Champion M50 10,000m Champion 33;03 
April 5th Sydney Australian Masters Champion M50 5000m 16;05

I noticed a drop off in my performance following Nationals as performances deteriorated and I ended up with a hip injury which I struggled on with for a few months.

24th Noosa 10km Road 4th Overall 34;03

June 14th Launceston 10km Road 33;19 - brewery tour and pub crawl with the HuRTS boys took me months to recover from.
Launie was freezing cold, white long sleeves gloves and beaney

July 5th Gold Coast Half Marathon 73;20 ran with the lead group of women for a few K's then by myself for 10km.
I'm behind John (Barts)

August 16th Gladstone Botanic to Bridge 8km 26;41 2nd overall to Jackson Elliot, $500 first M45.

I took two weeks off running to give the hip issue a chance to resolve itself - I cycled everyday in the interim. The break from running seemed to work but hated getting swooped by maggies.

I turned 54
A racing reunion that took 35 years ! 
Oct 10th QMA State athletics facility;Treesey and me 3000m Mike was the victor in 9;28 with me 9;32
Oct 24th Sandgate parkrun Treesey again victorious 16;25 to my 16;28 
Oct 31st North Lakes parkrun 16;10 a pleasing return to form but then I go and  injure myself gardening!

Nov 16th Tokyo Japan 5000m 16;21 (Mike ran 16;16) if only Andrew Green, Mike Trees and I were in shape we'd have been comfortably run sub 16 minimum (Andy close to 15;00)
Mike and I behind #36 and #35 in a field of 50 runners, with 37 heats!

Nov 23rd Otawara Marathon festival Japan 10km 34;57 6th M40.  Japan is the spiritual home or World distance running.
Another two week break from running but this time I was unable to cross train on the bike - dieting for the first time ever meant the comeback wasn't quite as tough as normal. 
Mid December and I resumed training with the back very slowly getting better.

The motivation is higher than ever for training and  racing in 2016 with some unfinished business at M50 5000 and 10,000m. 
55 years old in September and World Masters Athletics in Perth in October.